How to choose an office printer

An ideal Office Printer HK is usually lightweight, and integrates printing, scanning, and photocopying functions, and has wireless network and WiFi connection devices for you to print with other electronic devices. Some advanced models will also be equipped with a face management function, which can automatically categorize photos according to faces, and manage a large number of photos easily. If you have a large number of photocopying needs and do not need a Multifunction Photocopier, a mono laser Printer is indeed a cheap and good choice. Don’t underestimate printers that can only print black and white documents. In fact, if the Printer is equipped with high water-resistant black pigment ink, it can significantly improve the problem of ink leakage that is common when printing documents on ordinary white paper, and make the text clearer. It looks more professional. An excellent color Office Printer HK will have a dedicated ink cartridge, the black part will use pigment ink, and the color will use dye ink. Combining the advantages of the two inks, the text will be clear and water-resistant when printing documents and forms, and the colors of the pictures will be very bright and beautiful when printing designs that need to emphasize color.

So, what if you need IT Support when printing documents? Nowadays, many information technologies companies on the market provide one-stop IT Solution HK and IT Support to ensure that companies can use limited resources to maximize operational efficiency. Some of these companies provide efficient Photocopier user management solutions. Cost management can be achieved, and all printing and scanning activities can be tracked, thereby limiting the number of color prints and reducing costs.