A Warm Candlelit Evening

Nothing beats a comfortable night of Netflix binge-watching and pizza. Before filling my home with warm lights and wonderful scents, I spent a lot of time studying the types of calming candles I wanted to buy. My calming candles and house fragrances are mostly purchased from international brands. Haeckels, Future Classics, Frama, Byredo, and Brooklyn Candle Studio are just a few of the incredible companies to look into. Layering calming candles with reed diffusers to produce a distinct aroma is also a great idea.

My go-to store for soothing candles and household aromas is kapok. It contains the best collection of international brands, as well as some fantastic Hong Kong brands. I enjoy visiting the shop since it helps me to learn about new Hong Kong brands while also supporting local artists. Pay kapok a visit if you’re seeking for relaxing candles and home aromas for your home. In Hong Kong, there are six kapok sites, each with its own personality and product range. As a result, doing some research before going to the store is recommended. You can also shop at their e-store from the convenience of your own home. Have fun selecting your favorite soothing candles and home scents!