Virtual Career Fair Platform for Small and Large Groups

U.C. NOW. is a virtual career fair platform with outstanding achievements that caught the great attention of the public in recent years. Although the online community software platform was active and growing before 2020, its popularity reached its peak during the COVID-19 quarantine time. People all around the world needed a quality site that will facilitate digital communication and UC. NOW provided all the tools that reduced the negative effects of social distancing immediately.

This online community software platform features InfoHub, a virtual hub used as a centralized library, webinar platform, and a place to foster online engagement. The purpose of the virtual career fair platform goes far beyond a simple video conference; it is a unique site of large capacity that can satisfy all the online communication necessities of its users.

The quality of the online community software platform made UC. NOW’s name is well-known in Hong Kong. This website became the main virtual communication method for numerous educational institutions in the region. As its influence grows in Hong Kong, users from other parts of the world started to show interest in UC. NOW. Thus, it is expected that this virtual career fair platform will soon become popular internationally.

Members of UC. NOW can use the software for any virtual event they may host. Whether it’s a business meeting, an interview, a webinar, or an online lesson, the site is capable of hosting it at all times. All it takes is a few easy registration steps and users can take advantage of UC. NOW’s outstanding benefits.