The New Norm: A Hybrid Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has already brought an adverse effect on the economy. People’s lives become strongly dependent on the pandemic. Compulsory testing is needed when there is a confirmed case in your neighbourhood. A lot of entrepreneurs come across difficulties in managing their manpower because of uncertainty. Hardly can they recruit qualified employees and make sure the current employees’ working performance. Even worse, there is no end in sight for it. A new norm should be adopted to stop the economy from being stagnant.


Recently, people are not able to know a person by direct observation by mainly messages and emails.  A virtual career fair platform, therefore, becomes a new trend for companies in recruitment. It provides chances for both the employers and employees to engage with one another. They can give impromptu responses on the platforms which draw no difference from attending career fairs in person.


After that, employers would also start looking for employee training scheduling solution to ensure the working performance of the employees. People tend not to go out for training or even attending talks in order not to get infected. Employee training scheduling solution allow employers to arrange training for employees while making sure there is enough manpower at work.


The pandemic has undoubtedly brought us numerous obstacles in life. However, it creates opportunities at the same time. A hybrid workplace would definitely become a new norm for business. A virtual career fair platform with employee training scheduling solution would be all the rage among entrepreneurs.