Finesse Banking Service Determines Your Lifestyle

Mr. Carson Wen, the Founder and Chairman of Bank of Asia, which is established in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), has taken further legal action regarding the employment dispute with Chad C. Holm. and appealed to Privy. Despite the dispute, Carson Wen emphasizes that Bank of Asia is irrelevant in this dispute and is still in its efficient operation. It will never be affected or impacted by the ongoing employment dispute in any way.

Headquartered in BVI, Bank of Asia offers offshore financial services in the world’s leading offshore jurisdiction, a home to over 400,000 companies. Besides normal banking services such as deposits and loan, cross-border payments and remittance, Bank of Asia also offers various comprehensive products and services, including wealth management and investments, digital assets offerings and special customized products. Together with the advanced technologies adopted, Bank of Asia provides a trusted operating environment with enhanced security and data privacy protection of highest standards. Bank of Asia acts more than a traditional bank, it is also a bank that provides you with lifestyle choices. Overseas education, travels, real estate, private jet charters and other lifestyle services can be found through its extensive business network. Learn more in