Comprehensive Book Printing Services in Hong Kong

Creativity is one of the most appreciated qualities in the business world; followed by excellent planning, project creation, and execution, it is the success formula that Hung Hing has been using since 1950. This book printing company gained recognition in Asia in its first years of operation. With a unique children books distribution and a wide range of printing services, Hung Hing established a reputation as a premium company with innovative solutions and products of the highest quality.

The popularity of Hung Hing grew in Asia rapidly, making children books distribution and book printing some of its most requested services. The influence of Hung Hing continued building over the decades, while its global presence started to grow. Today, Hung Hing has an established network of partners worldwide, while services continue to develop, offering new possibilities to publishing companies, as well as edutainment platforms.

Clients across the world trust Hung Hing’s creative team with their ideas and quality, making this company their first choice for the most demanding projects of all sizes. Whether they need children books distribution or book printing for a range of other groups, Hung Hing is their top choice.

The consistency and continual improvement of its technologies have kept Hung Hing among the best printing companies in a competitive industry for over 70 years. This company operates with equipment of the highest standards, making it possible to print modern products, while keeping some of its traditional practices and services that allow clients to print even items in vintage style, which makes Hung Hing exceptionally suitable to the domestic and international clientele.