Benefits of Cayman Fund Investment and LPF HK


The Cayman Islands is one of the most attractive destinations for offshore investments. Cayman Fund Investment is a program that features highly beneficial tax regimes for foreign investors. Businessmen that aim to avoid direct taxes on income and profit have identified the potential in this regime. Thus, the number of investors in the Cayman Islands is in constant increase. 

The stability of the government framework and high-level confidentiality are important attributes of the Cayman Fund Investment. There are no restrictions on exchange control; the legislation is flexible and the regulators are approachable and efficacious. To access the Cayman Fund Investment, interested investors must hire a consultancy firm that will lead them through the entire investment program. 

CityLinkers is a consultancy company that assists clients in all types of offshore investments, including the Cayman Fund Investment. The team of consultants helps investors with structuring and formation; collects the required documentation for the program; takes care of the administration and ensures every process completes successfully.  

As a reputable consultancy firm, CityLinkers offers various financial services, such as the Limited Partnership Funds in Hong Kong (LPF HK). 

LPF HK is a private fund management regime that serves to register private funds as limited partnerships. By using the Limited Partnership Funds, investors will have more freedom related to the partnership contracts; they will not face any restrictions of statutory investment, and there is no minimum required capital for the LPF HK

CityLinkers assists clients during all stages of LPF HK, including collecting, filling, and submitting required documentation. Also, the team of experts introduces investors to all the possibilities and benefits of the program. With CityLinkers’ guidance, clients can enjoy all the benefits of the Limited Partnership Funds, without worrying about safety and hidden fees.