A Solid Online Staff Training Platform

Thanks to the technological advances, many companies in HK opt for an online staff training platform. It is becoming more and more popular for the following reasons. Firstly, it is cost-effective. A face-to-face training session involves venue set up, catering, transportation, and many more. And putting it on an online platform can save you all that money. Second, it is convenient. Online training is available anytime, anywhere. Your employees can access to the course and revise the materials over and over again.

A solid online staff training platform allows you to distribute engaging courses and manage staff’s progress with ease. Below are some features commonly seen on an online staff training platform. First, a massive course library. There should be a massive library/ dashboard for you to use and customize/ edit easily. Second, modern course creator tools. A wide range of course creator tools should be provided to support the making of voice overs, videos, slideshows, and scorm. Third, a training matrix. It enables you to split your employees up into departments and roles, then filter by course fields, training types, certifications, etc. Last but not least, the online staff training platform should support all the different document formats commonly used in the HK workplace, such as Word, Flash, PowerPoint, Videos, and many more.