SEO and Facebook Marketing

When you do Facebook marketing, have you ever thought of you are contributing to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not in doubt, usually people doing Facebook marketing or Facebook promotion, they aim to promote their company or brand and reach a mass audience through social media with organic post or advertisement. However, actually good Facebook marketing work can give positive impact on your SEO. Some search results contain Facebook pages. When clicking the link inside the Facebook page and landed to your website, the website traffic is increased in result. Although this does not have immediately increase in lead or sales, increase in website traffic will let search engines think that your website is more popular than before, which will be ranked higher in organic results. Thus, Facebook marketing has indirect impact on SEO.

However, manage Facebook marketing and SEO at the same time is not easy. You may want to use a SEO company Hong Kong or a Facebook marketing agency to help you with. A SEO company Hong Kong of course will manage your SEO work as well as provide professional advice on your company SEO. A Facebook marketing agency helps operate your Facebook account on the other hand. But of course, a Facebook marketing agency can also provide some useful tips on how to make use of your Facebook page to boost the organic ranking. If you have cost concern, you could choose either one first, SEO company Hong Kong or Facebook marketing agency, to start with your SEO project or manage your Facebook account and adopt them together in a later stage.